Terracotta Design Build Co. is an award-winning residential design company composed of an inspiring and talented team of architects, interior designers, and contractors. Located in Decatur, Georgia, longtime design collaborators and friends, Ili Hidalgo-Nilsson and Luly Bestard-Melarti lead a design-build studio where all facets of construction and design are seamlessly executed under one roof.

We’re so excited to share a recent Terracotta design complete with a stunning full suite of Thermador appliances. The house is in the beautiful Morningside neighborhood of Atlanta. This exceptional and striking transformation only provides further proof that the Terracotta Design Build team is bursting at the seams with talent, accomplished designers, and original creative vision.

Can you provide any insight on the client you were designing for? What hopes did they have for this space, and how does the finished design reflect their vision?

Nicole Jui, Project Manager: This family of four asked us to “design a kitchen space that is both functional and lovely.” The kitchen had to be packed with function, visually uncluttered, and it also needed to be modern, edited, and appealing to their high-school and college age daughters. The finished design reflected their vision by creating a simple backdrop of white and warmth with lots of open shelving for decorative expression. This allows the look and feel of the space to evolve as time goes on and always feel fresh.

Can you tell us about your process and inspiration for this project?

Katelyn Rountree, Interior Designer: The clients were very open to playing with a mix of materials, so we were able to explore that textural change as a way to bring in a quiet-interest to the space. They were equally drawn to the understated Scandinavian style and the bold expression of color. Given the space constraints and the kitchen’s proximity to the front entry, we had to get creative… pack in a lot of functionality while keeping the aesthetic buttoned up and streamlined.

How long did the full project take?

Scott Madsen, Construction Site Manager: Once the design was completed and all permits approved, the construction team at Terracotta began demolition on this project in July of 2018. The finished space was delivered about 6 months later, but the total project included more spaces than just the kitchen.

Is there a design “rule” you broke while designing this kitchen? If so, what was it?

Katelyn Rountree, Interior Designer: The house had many design rules “broken” before Terracotta got involved. Part of our job was to reign in much of the spatial confusion and provide a sense of order and cohesive style.  This project was more about creating order and balance, than breaking rules.

Which Thermador appliances did you incorporate in this beautiful kitchen? How did you choose each product?

Ili Hildalgo-Nilsson, Principal, Architect, Interior Designer: After visiting the Thermador offices in sunny California and learning all about the new line of appliances, we advised our clients to wait for the new products to become available. We knew they would be pleased with the elegant lines of the new designs. The kitchen has a full suite of integrated Thermador appliances. They were each chosen for size, function, and the ability to incorporate them into the space without disrupting the end goal of simplicity. It was the perfect choice for these clients.

Is there a favorite Thermador appliance you included?

Ili Hildalgo-Nilsson, Principal, Architect, Interior Designer: Yes! The induction cooktop.  It is ultra-efficient, ultra-sleek, and so-very well priced! It’s a triple-threat!

Is there a certain space within the kitchen that steals the spotlight?

Nicole Jui, Project Manager: The warm wood of the open shelving always draws the eye. The shelves were designed for both accessibility to everyday dishware as well as a place to display heirloom cookware and favorite family cookbooks. They are both functional and decorative in a big way.

Which part of the kitchen transformed the most? Can you describe this transformation?

Scott Madsen, Construction Site Manager: For me it was how we opened up three distinct living spaces into a more pleasing space with a better flow. When we first started this project the kitchen, the dinning, and the living rooms were all separated by large beams and an ill-placed column that limited the area of the kitchen. Our team was able to remove the beams, add a 25-foot steel I-beam that didn’t need a center support column, and give breathing room to the kitchen.  This made all the difference in flow and function.

How would you describe the finished kitchen in three words?

Nicole Jui, Project Manager: Scandi-inspired, modern, and cheerful.

How did you go about making accent choices? Can you share some of your favorite details with us?

Katelyn Rountree, Interior Designer: The wooden accents go back to the Scandinavian style. The placements were well thought out based on pieces that we knew the homeowner had to display as well as everyday use in the kitchen. The matte Ann Sacks tile backsplash provides a clean backdrop with a light touch of texture at the hand-cut edges. The bold black of the Schoolhouse light sconces provide hard contrast. The acorn pendants are totally retro and fresh at the same time. The kitchen really thrives on the juxtaposition of clean lines, with raw finishes and modern simplicity with a retro-nod.

What was your favorite part about designing this kitchen?

Nicole Jui, Project Manager: We packed a lot of function into a small footprint and fitting everything in was challenging and fun. The original kitchen was completely demolished and rebuilt. The space was opened up by removing structural constraints. The cabinets are all custom designed and serve very specific purposes; our favorites include a 4-bin recycling and composting cabinet, display shelves, cabinets for bulk food storage, and plenty of pantry space. The beauty of combining architecture, interiors, and construction within one team is really showcased in this project!

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