Chef Kyle Jakobi demonstrates how to carve your turkey like a hero.

How to Carve a Turkey Like a Hero

Click on video below and you’ll learn all the secrets!

It’s officially November, which means more football, more pumpkins, more cornucopias, more leaves on the ground, and of course, more cooking and eating.

Ah yes, Thanksgiving is almost here, one day of culinary delight that makes every home cook’s mouth water. Yes, Thanksgiving is the Super Bowl for the cooking enthusiast.

So if Thanksgiving’s the Super Bowl, carving the Turkey is the game-winning drive. It’s the last step to realizing the ultimate outcome. It’s zipping a 20-yard pass into the hands of your receiver for the go-ahead score with no time remaining.

Unless you choke. Not to worry, I’m here to show you how to be the hero when carving your turkey. Video shot and edited by the White On Rice Couple.