Coffee connoisseurs, rejoice! We can’t get enough of our completely programmable coffeehouse-style machine that essentially allows you to have your own personalized barista right at home. It’s the ultimate luxury to start, get through, or end the day. But the benefits don’t stop there—this coffee sidekick will add a special touch to a weekend brunch, a holiday feast or an afternoon relaxing with friends.Thermador Coffee Machine


Having overnight or morning guests with particular coffee preferences can easily put you in full host mode bright and early. That’s why this coffee machine is perfect: you can store up to eight different beverage creations in its memory for quick and easy preparation, including temperature and coffee strength.

After scrolling through the display to identify the perfect drink, just a simple push of a button quickly prepares a blissfully brewed beverage, including warm milk or froth for those who enjoy lattes, cappuccinos or an indulgent hot cocoa.

The machine can also be installed anywhere in the home, such as the kitchen, an entertaining room, family room, master bedroom or a guest suite. This extra personalization ensures that guests will always have a warm beverage available at any time of day!



An afternoon pick-me-up is an absolute necessity to get through the day. This machine can serve your caffeine needs at all times, whether you’re sharing with guests or enjoying a midday break alone. It’s never too late to indulge in a quick shot of espresso, a frothy cappuccino or even a delightful cup of tea in the afternoon—pinkies up!

Entertaining With Coffee


For those who identify as an ultimate entertainer, you know that hosting a dinner party or gathering often ends with a delicious dessert and a complementary warm cup of coffee for your guests. This machine has been intelligently designed to satisfy everyone’s post-meal coffee cravings quickly. The height-adjustable dispenser adjusts to fit a variety of cup sizes, from the extra-large venti cappuccino to the small shot of espresso—and it even includes dual spouts to brew two identical beverages at once. The machine can also keep the flow of hot beverages going all night long – a prompt to fill the removable water 10-cup water tank will always let you know when it is time to refill.

For the host who welcomes extended-stay guests or family with particular coffee preferences, this machine will offer the ultimate in personalization—and be an incredible co-host for all your entertaining needs.

Happy caffeinating!