There’s no better place to foster creativity and hone new skills than in the kitchen. And as you can imagine, when I discovered my Thermador Masterpiece® Steam and Convection Oven could be used in five unexpected ways, I jumped at the chance to take my product knowledge to the next level.

Steam used to be something primarily left to the pros, but now whether you’re a master chef or still finessing your way through, you can impress with your steam oven expertise. Here are five surprising ways to utilize your steam oven.

Leave Your Jewelry Sparkling with Steam

It’s time to shine. Jewelry often loses its sparkle as it’s worn, but there’s an easy way to bring back my jewelry’s dazzle right at home. When my favorite rings or bracelets begin looking a little dull after a full day of baking, I use the Steam Only cycle to return their shine. It’s my secret to keeping my best pieces looking like the star of the show.

Create the Ultimate Homemade Yogurt

For a snack such as yogurt that’s best served cold, Proof Mode allows me to use milk and steam to make my favorite homemade rendition. When my yogurt is finished, I let it cool and place it in my refrigerator overnight. For an especially appealing presentation, I love to serve in small glass jars, topped with fresh strawberries or blueberries.

Perfect Your Meatball Game

When I’m craving a delicious Italian meal, I always turn to my steam oven to create perfectly round meatballs for my spaghetti sauce. The Steam and Convection mode keeps the meatballs from flattening or sticking to the skillet—it works wonders.

Double Your Dough in Record Time
Is there anything better than warm, fresh bread? I love proofing my dough in my steam oven because it keeps the dough soft and even—plus, by using Proof mode, my dough doubles in size in half the time of my recipe – leaving more time to enjoy my freshly made bread with my family.

Prepare the Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg

Before I became a steam oven expert, I was constantly trying to master the perfect hard-boiled egg for breakfast. With my steam oven, not only is the cooking process sped up, but also it minimizes the mess while giving my eggs the perfect peel every time.

What’s your favorite unexpected way to use your steam oven? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels:, @ThermadorHome and @Thermador.